Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Need Money For Art? Kick Your Funding Into High Gear

Do you have a creative project in mind and need money to fund it? Use “crowdfunding” to invite others to become a vital part of your project by backing you financially to achieve your goal.

Whether you need $500 or $500,000, this can be a super-effective technique to raise capital. Websites such as www.Kickstarter.com, www.IndieGoGo.com and www.peerbackers.com in the U.S. and www.sponsume.com in the UK,  offer you an opportunity to present your ideas and find seed money to make them happen.
Artist Terri Lloyd has a project called B*tch Fest currently on Kickstarter. B*tch Fest has the ambitious goal of raising $47,000 by August 31, 2011 in order to produce a gallery show in Los Angeles in March 2012 featuring the work of mature feminist artists. MORE...

Originally published 7/05/11 by Carolyn Edlund, ArtsyShark.com

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